Throughout my years of painting in watercolor and other media, I have focused on color, value, shape, line and other elements to capture energy and life through light and shadow in my work. I use a three-step sequence to achieve this in watercolor as I integrate motifs with their backgrounds, which are inseparable. So the purpose of this blog is to share with you on a regular basis posts showing how I express the energizing spark that motivates artists and captivates audiences. Please visit often to see and enjoy the paintings, demonstrations, and thoughts behind my realization of that creative joy!

For more artwork, please visit http://bivennefineart.com

An Epiphyte, watercolor, 15×22″ copyright Bivenne Staiger 2010


Brightly illuminated subjects appear particularly dramatic against a dark, saturated background, like an actor spotlighted on stage.

Goldie, watercolor, 15×22″ copyright Bivenne Staiger 2018


Shadows both hide inconsequential shapes and define critical ones, establishing three-dimensional form.

Iris Spring, watercolor 15×22″ copyright Bivenne Staiger 2017


Vivid color makes paintings throb with energy.

Seek first to understand, then to be understood.

Stephen covey

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