Post Season “Sunshine”

Photographed only after two to three layers were first applied to this painting, the washes are nevertheless straight-forward: A thin layer of yellow is quickly painted across most sketched shapes. When dry, saturated yellow in a creamy consistency establishes specific petals and the local color of the flower’s interior, and finally, warm and cool shadowsContinue reading “Post Season “Sunshine””

Holiday Fun

My “artist palette,” whose outside shape was specially cut by my husband from a scraperboard to fit the dimensions of standard artist palettes that decorate four Artist Trees at the Florence Griswold Museum’s Krieble Gallery (, joins a permanent collection of over 200 other artist palettes this year. The Museum, on the Lieutenant River inContinue reading “Holiday Fun”

Drawing & Painting on Scraperboard

This less-than-adequate image shows at least the early stages of creating a motif on scraperboard, which, as described in an earlier post, is developed by scraping away the black layer atop the white clay substrate. You can perhaps see an outline (in pencil) of just the pale parts of this cat, and some dust fromContinue reading “Drawing & Painting on Scraperboard”

Demo Samples

Above and below are two paintings done as demonstrations for my online watercolor flower painting class #286 at Yale Peabody Museum’s Natural Science Illustration Program. Each was done in the span of a few hours. If you would like to take one or more of the wonderful art classes offered by gifted instructors for adults,Continue reading “Demo Samples”

Balancing Busy Patterns

Many creatures are well camouflaged in their habitats. Here, this white-throated sparrow has highly patterned, yet somewhat drab, plumage, which helps it almost disappear in springtime shrubbery. To make it appear to blend into its environment yet stand out in the painting, I begin by contrasting its neutral coloring with bright yellow (distant) blooming forsythia.Continue reading “Balancing Busy Patterns”

Online Painting Classes

As colder weather descends and indoor painting venues remain shut due to the virus, I am offering watercolor painting classes online. One four-week course is through the Yale Peabody Museum’s Natural Science Illustration Program, Thursday mornings, 9 a.m. – noon, October 22 & 29, and November 5 & 12: Course #286XCreating a Complete Flower PaintingContinue reading “Online Painting Classes”

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