Using Artistic License

All images © Bivenne Staiger

Though this Tolland, CT pond view is lovely on its own at midday, I decided to alter color and value elements in my painting to convey a different mood via a sunrise.

All images © Bivenne Staiger

First yellow, then a cool pink, and lots of cool blue are painted dry-on-wet to suggest sky and reflections in the pond.

All images © Bivenne Staiger

A fan brush loaded with a mix of dark brown, dark blue, and Prussian – not black – helps indicate the bare tree-top branches, and then a flat brush connects them as a solid mass with the water’s edge. Once the flat brush loses most of its pigment, tree color is pulled into the water to suggest reflections.

All images © Bivenne Staiger

Another cool dark layer is added to the distant trees, while a warm dark in the foreground vegetation contrasts.

Warm Sunrise, Cool Morning, Watercolor, 11×15″ © Bivenne Staiger, 2021

Foreground trees are finally painted wet- and dry-on-dry using the same dark value.

Just a single change in painting elements affects a painting’s impact. In this, two were altered: color and value. Three pale, bright, primary hues in the sky contrast with the above-mentioned darkest value, and create this more dramatic scene. Try altering painting elements; it’s fun…

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