Value Suggests Space

All images © Bivenne Staiger

Photographed already at almost the midstage of this motif, I began with the sky, painting blue quickly onto dry paper and letting it bleed into wet cloud shapes. Then, the distant mountain at right was also painted below the edge of wet paper to suggest clouds over its top.

Next, a round brush was used to suggest the midrange tree-lined slope, and a different, drier, brush roughly indicates the sunny meadow on dry paper. Red paint spattered on top implies wildflowers growing there. The path is a pale wash of a fairly even mix of primary colors.

All images © Bivenne Staiger

Dark midrange tree shapes now create visual space between the pale sunlit field and the distant midvalue mountains. The foreground, middle ground and background are clearly separated by value.

Around the Corner, Watercolor, 11×15″ © Bivenne Staiger 2021

A few more tweaks in the form of extra darks, colorful flowers, and flying birds complete this Swiss alpine view of the Lauterbrunnen region, where we vacationed a couple of years ago.

6 thoughts on “Value Suggests Space

  1. Another very lovely watercolor painting. The values are dramatic and really emphasize the drama in this painting. I love the way you splattered the wildflowers.

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  2. Love everything about this painting, especially the composition, atmosphere and colors. Thanks for sharing

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  3. Thanks Bivenne for this beautiful painting and the instructions which certainly helps Happy Mother’s day! Nalini

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