Fur and Grass Textures

All images © Bivenne Staiger

This motif was chosen because it’s a classic sign and symbol of spring. First it’s unified with its grassy setting on mostly wet paper in a muted yellow, hardly visible. Pale brown is added next with a mostly dry brush, followed by bright light green around it. Note that the animal’s white front and ears are untouched by paint because light shines on its face.

All images © Bivenne Staiger

The next wash contains more saturated bright green, applied just as quickly but on dry paper. A twist of the brush establishes specific blades of grass here and there.

All images © Bivenne Staiger

Now a pale wash of blue suggests the first form shadows. Blue bleeds out into the grass behind the subject and is painted behind illuminated blades in front.

All images © Bivenne Staiger

Fur is next roughly suggested, mostly dry-on-dry, and in its local color.

All images © Bivenne Staiger

Another layer of blue shadow and darker, smaller, and more specific shapes are gradually added…

Lord of the Grasses, Watercolor, 12×16″ © Bivenne Staiger 2021

… and finally, darkest small shapes pull the painting elements together. While bunnies often munch on our gardens, they also provide food to many wild creatures. Happy spring!

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