Not Just Paintings…

All images ©Bivenne Staiger

Though the holidays kept me busy, I also managed to work on creative projects in some down time, before and during the preparations. These are quite different from painting. Above is an almost-complete, close-up example of a beaded pendant (or ornament) created entirely intuitively. Below are others with a penny for scale.

All images ©Bivenne Staiger

So much fun to create, I start with a dominant color scheme and usually a cabochon, ribbon, pom-pom, or some other central piece(s) of inspiration. The pink one (middle bottom) in the photo above began with a square copper piece, which is simply affixed by thread at two corners, where two holes in the metal are now hidden.

All images ©Bivenne Staiger

I’m not sure why the pieces at top center and bottom right in the above photo appear so fuchsia/pink, but they’re actually mostly red with some pink accents. The one at top right was incomplete when this was photographed. My cats are endlessly entertained by the pull of the thread and, as you can see, increasingly leave their feline hairs behind. Some day I’ll offer some of these and many more up for sale…

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