Drawing & Painting on Scraperboard

All images©Bivenne Staiger

This less-than-adequate image shows at least the early stages of creating a motif on scraperboard, which, as described in an earlier post, is developed by scraping away the black layer atop the white clay substrate. You can perhaps see an outline (in pencil) of just the pale parts of this cat, and some dust from the parts already scraped away.

All images©Bivenne Staiger

Here you can maybe see the sketch a bit more clearly. At bottom left is a piece of cellophane, which protects the black surface from smudges and fingerprints as I work. I also have to take care not to rub black dust into any white areas, because that’s then difficult to remove.

All images©Bivenne Staiger

I used a piece of clean steel wool at bottom right to suggest the soft surface on which the cat was posing. The “darker” marks are made with light strokes, and very pale or white areas require a heavier scraping application.

Pretty Cat, Sraperboard and Watercolor, 11×14″ ©Bivenne Staiger 2020

Color is quickly added with watercolor paint, and as you can see, this beautiful feline (who’s no longer with us) comes to life.

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