Rough and Soft Textures

All images ©Bivenne Staiger

Combining the contrasting textures of rough rock and soft fur was yesterday’s challenge in my painting class. I began by demonstrating laying in harmonizing color in subject and background and then set about lifting paint away, as seen by the circular blobs in this image.

All images ©Bivenne Staiger

Next, mid-value cast shadows were roughly painted. The side of the brush was used to skim the surface of the paper, creating a speckled look, while the wide part established some flat washes.

All images ©Bivenne Staiger

With more color saturation, the chipmunk’s local color was painted next. Wherever shadow covers its white markings, a wash of blue was painted over them.

Chippie, Watercolor, 12×16″ ©Bivenne Staiger

This otherwise abstract background contrasts with and emphasizes the soft, orange, and rounded subject by the use of sandpaper dragged across the paper’s surface, strategically placed blue and dark shapes, and spattering. Note, too, that rock shape edges guide the eye toward the animal’s face.

8 thoughts on “Rough and Soft Textures

  1. Bivenne, This was like magic to me when it was complete. I couldn’t see how this was going to come together. Hope you are doing well. Thanks for these lessons. They’ve been fun in this trying time.


  2. Bivenne, Enjoy your blog and are always amazed at how you pull the painting together. Thanks for these blogs They really help add some interest to these Covid days.
    Terry Bogan


    1. Hi Terry, I’m so happy you like these posts 🙂 I hope you’re painting peonies these days…hint, hint! When I see or paint them I think of you! All the best


  3. May look like a simple composition, but your colors and object placement are always critical
    and well chosen; also the varying painting techniques and hints. Thanks so much for these blogs!

    Liked by 1 person

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