A Painting A Day

These two vastly different paintings were each done in a day, the smaller one this morning and the larger one last Thursday. The size of each affected brush handling and paint applications. Both were done actually quite quickly, but the smaller had more challenges for me, perhaps because my hand is not as steady orContinue reading “A Painting A Day”

Working with Color

Bright color paired with value can make a striking painting. The first stage of this pink flamingo was loosely and abstractly painted across sketched shapes. (Photos of the images in this post were taken outdoors, so lighting is inconsistent.) Feathers are suggested with form shadows using color, still quickly and loosely painted. Perhaps difficult toContinue reading “Working with Color”

Rough and Soft Textures

Combining the contrasting textures of rough rock and soft fur was yesterday’s challenge in my painting class. I began by demonstrating laying in harmonizing color in subject and background and then set about lifting paint away, as seen by the circular blobs in this image. Next, mid-value cast shadows were roughly painted. The side ofContinue reading “Rough and Soft Textures”

A Winter Landscape

This was done as a demo yesterday – a cold day in late spring here – for my painting class, and this time it’s posted in start-to-finish sequence. First I added clean water in a large swath to the bottom half of the sky/distant trees space, right up to the hard edges of house andContinue reading “A Winter Landscape”

Dramatize A Drab Subject

An object of neutral color in gray or brown can be enhanced with dazzling light and a colorful background. Work from light to dark. Paint a mid-value around brightly lit form shapes on the subject and supporting shapes, as shown here on birds and sedum. Note some white patches in the sedum, suggesting their litContinue reading “Dramatize A Drab Subject”


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